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Title: Holy Blood Shed
Artist: FMCJ Feat. Marshall Ott

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The Justice Sought

Even though Marshall Ott prevailed in his civil case as the rightful owner of the property with mineral rights; to this very day, he has yet to have the land in question returned to him. Marshall is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for twelve years of illegal incarceration; restoration of his property and assets; and any legal or other volunteers to assist him in his cause for justice and to build Faith Music Centers for Jesus. He wants the land restored to him; so he can mine the ore and fund the construction of Faith Music Centers for Jesus.

Are the words to the United States Pledge of Allegiance just words of empty ideals or will we all honor the blood shed by men and women since this great nation's foundation? Only when citizens unite will those in power respect our wishes to have the rights fought so bravely for enforced for each and every one of us; without exception. This is not a time to pretend everything is okay in America when millions are being driven out of their homes; when the cost of living ever rises higher along with excessive taxation; at a time when we have the highest numbers of unemployed citizens. This is not a time to remain silent as our rights are trampled on more than ever and our politicians conspire to keep the truth of 911 from us and the whole world. This is not a time to remain in ignorance of how half the prison population is there not because they are violent offenders but simply too poor to obtain adequate legal representation. This is not a time to look away when doctors and nurses proven to have committed mass murders are set free to do it again. This is not a time to cower in isolation worried of your own troubles when our leaders are making decisions to implant us all with the RFID biochip. And this is not a time to ignore one man's plight who was imprisoned wrongfully for twelve long years and had his entire estate stolen from him by corrupt and greedy authorities; during a time when there was so much rampant corruption AZscam made national news. This is a time to unite and demand the rights fought and bled for by real American patriots are recognized and enforced for us all. Let us unite together and demand justice for all who have been severely maltreated like Marshall Ott.

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