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Title: In GOD Is Our Trust
Artist: FMCJ Feat. Marshall Ott

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The Founder

The Founder

Founder Marshall Arnold Ott has had a life worth reading about. When Marshall found precious metals on his property in Arizona, greedy state officials plotted against him and determined to capitalize on his good fortune. Marshall had begun mining the ore on his property when the state wrongfully arrested and imprisoned him; seized his assets and kept him illegally confined without constitutional due process and extreme miscarriages of justice for twelve long years.

Marshall Ott has had an adventure in life worth taking note of. Divinely inspired and blessed to build an organization that has global scope; Marshall was soon literally fighting for his life and entire estate as the spiritual dark forces moved on people to thwart this ministry from manifesting. During incarceration, one might think Marshall spent his days in bitterness at the incredible miscarriage of justice he was enduring; but he was seen night and day in a constant state of worship as "Praise Jesus" came forth audibly from him virtually everywhere he went. He continued to play praise and worship songs even in prison where he endured attacks on his life so intense books could be written of the miracles of his triumphant attitude and survival. Please help this vision manifest as it is a worthy cause indeed to have 144,000 devoted worshippers of our Lord Jesus Christ bringing forth new lyrics and compositions of inspired music to the glory of our Lord and Savior now and forever. In His Omnipotent and Holy Name, may we see the first Faith Music Center for Jesus under construction soon. Amen.

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