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Title: The Nation Needs You LORD
Artist: FMCJ Feat. Marshall Ott

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Faith Music Centers for Jesus wants everyone all over the world to have a Holy Bible, the Word of God, our Creator, the Rules of Life, the Instructions of Life given to mankind from the Lord of the Universe. In addition, Marshall wants not only everyone to know the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, and have the Instructions for Life, the Holy Bible, but to know certain facts that support the Faith. Did you know that Noah's Ark has been found? The Real Mt. Sinai? The crossing of the Red Sea where the Israelites were delivered from the ancient Egyptians? Sodom and Gomorrah and all the Five cities of Zoar in ashen ruins? Besides artifacts, archeological finds, anthropological finds, there is now more than enough scientific evidence to reasonably justify Faith in our Living Lord Jesus Christ, Yahoshuah The Messiah.

Holy Bibles are avaiable in virtually every language and dialect today and even many Bible versions online. Study the Holy Bible at home or online. Faith Music Centers for Jesus encourages the creation of an International Directory of Christian Ministries that can be searched by the user for location and specific help desired. Until then online ministries like crosswalk can help you mature in the Faith . Please support tithing Christian businesses. Christian ministries and Christian businesses give not only quality services but support altruistic outreaches worldwide. Support the Full Gospelbusinessmen association of Jesus Christ and unite internationally The Holy Ghost now moves upon us as the Body of Christ to unite in the Faith and concentrate on saving the last of the lost on earth; making sure the Gospel of Jesus Christ is available to every soul and on the Bride preparing herself for the Glorious Return of the Bridegroom. There is a call to Holiness from Heaven above to seek God and the Righteousness that comes only by knowing Him and allowing His Holy Spirit to transform us. Too many nations are going the way of Sodom and Gomorrah; including the United States. Let His Word renew our minds and become an inseparable part of our existence in thought and deed as heavenly music flows from our souls into all creation. In His Holy and Omnipotent Name our Heavenly Father grant these requests; Amen, Halelujah, Amen.

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