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Title: Ephesians 5 v 11 13
Artist: FMCJ Feat. Marshall Ott

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The Ministry

Divinely inspired

Global in scope

Residence and Training

Spiritual Education

The Servant

Founder Marshall Ott

Spirit-filled Christian

Persecuted and Imprisoned

Never wavering in vision

The Goals

Over 1 Billlion saved

Music in all languages

288 Centers

Glory and honor to Jesus

Faith Music Centers for Jesus has been inspired by a Divine Vision given to Founder Marshall Ott. In the vision and subsequent inspirations of the Holy Ghost, Ott has been instructed to have 288 Faith Music Centers built worldwide. 144 centers are to be constructed in the United States and 144 centers in nations around the world. Each of these centers are to serve as residencies, training and educational facilities to refresh 500 worshippers in each of the 288 Faith Music Centers for Jesus worldwide. Each disciple of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; after the manner of the calling of those dedicated 144,000 worshippers; as described in the Book of Revelation, will have access to these centers that also will serve to record and broadcast the Divinely Inspired Songs of these Holy Ghost filled worshippers. The new songs developed by these devout worshippers of our Living Lord Jesus Christ will then be translated; if necessary, so that citizens worldwide can tune into the broadcasts via satellite and broadcast towers in languages understood globally; 24/7, until the Glorious Return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Marshall plans to fund all costs by fighting for the restoration of his lands and mineral rights.

This effort, once complete, stands ready to provide all monetary resources needed.

Funding is needed, however, for that effort itself. Your financial gifts of any size are welcome as the Lord directs.

Donations & Gifts / "Giving slips" (Deut. 1:11) - 1000:1 return for preaching joy gospel
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Faith Music Centers for Jesus is a reg. 501(c)(3) non-profit; donations are tax-deductible.

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