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Title: Where R U Hiding
Artist: FMCJ Feat. Marshall Ott

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Only the fool says there is no God. Proverbs 53, verse 1.


Media and technology acknowledgements.

Concept Art

The concept art for Faith Music Centers for Jesus (featured, for example, on the mission page) and other original artwork was provided by Marshall Arnold Ott under inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Responsive Display Technology

This site includes responsive display technology by w3.css. Responsive display technology presents the site properly whether viewed on a computer, laptop, tablet PC, cellular telephone, or other device. The w3.css framework is free (libre) software.

Contributed Graphics

Logo and graphic banners for Mission, Inspiration, Manifestation, Founder, Vision, Persecution, Justice Sought, About Music Player, Documents, Family/Friends, Christian Links, Giving Slips, and Contact pages provided by IIIU (http://www.ideasinformationinventionsunlimited.com/).

Portable Document Format

Many documents available for download on this website are packaged in the portable document format (PDF format). If your computer can't seem to open these documents, you can get a free PDF reader from the PDFReaders.Org website (or get a reader from your phone or tablet's application store).

Website Curation

The Faith Music Centers for Jesus website is curated by Joe, 
Webmaster At Faith Music Centers for Jesus dot Org
Webmaster At Faith Music Centers for Jesus dot Org


In everything we owe and give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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